Friday, 10 February 2017

The karma cat of Kyrgyzstan 

As I awoke this morning in a lovely hostel in Almaty Kazakhstan. I was feeling excited. Today I knew that Laura and I would temporarily be leaving the bikes at the hostel and be heading to Kyrgyzstan for a spot of walking and skiing amongst other things. Like a child on Christmas Day I quietly and slowly removed myself from the bottom bunk of my bed, as I couldn't lay here any more. I decided that a morning coffee would be in order. As quietly as I could possibly be, I unintentionally made lots of noise in the dark room looking for our bag of fresh coffee.  I scampered out of the 8 bed dorm and towards the stairs with an overwhelming feeling of pride for my ninja-like abilities. My plans were quickly scuppered by a four legged assassin, by the name of whiskers. This little grey genius had decided to lay a trap for me that I could not have anticipated in the slightest. He had decided to lay the equivalent of basically himself all over the brown laminated floor above the stairs about 30cm away from his litter tray. He had managed this in what can only be described as land mine effect all over the floor. As I walked to the top of the stairs in my bare feet, one of the assassin's strategically placed traps decided to mould itself around my big toe in a squelching fashion. As this happened I made a noise of "awwwww" without thinking and probably managed to wake the entire hostel.  After washing my foot with a lot of soap in the sink and muttering many rude words to describe the little bugger. I then decided to remove the funky smelling trap from the top of the stairs with a tissue, only to find a now adoring cat turning up and rubbing it's self all over my leg, seeing what the fuss was all about, and as if to make a point that it couldn't have been him. But as a cleaned the mess away to stop any one else from having a nasty surprise in the morning. I couldn't help but wonder if this was the work of Karma.  A great filipino friend explained to me once that for good and evil to co-exist they must be equal. So for every good thing that happens to you, there must be an equivalent bad thing too.  The biggest point to remember is that the karma doesn't have to be equal sized, for example a large bad thing can be repaid in lots of small amounts out good things.  Maybe the little ninja cat was trying to give me some bad luck so that I can have a good luck on this next part of our trip? 

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