Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Plan

Like all good films our story starts with two seeming odinary people who decide to do something extraordinary. A cycling trip was decided
A classic film montage of shopping for random items had to be done first then Once our two heros have succeeded in buying all the items they required  it was time...

for the cheesy photo...

We all know that they will go through trials and tribulations, which will hopefully make them better people however I can only speculate that for now. I'll try and keep you updated on that as we go so we can really find out. 

Their route 

      The black lines are where we will have to take trains and the red is what we will cycle. This is due to only being able to have          30 day visa for China, Kazakstan and Russia

But a treat for me today, a cheeky surfing session. The last time in water in a long time I presume.
Strange for an original white water kayaker to say that...

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  1. Hay mate i hope you have a blast and what adventurers you are going to have,to see the world and meet so many people from great place stay safe have a great time and see you in York when you get back Gav