Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Post 1, Made it to China!!

(Blog post) day 1 of the trip...

Today was an eventful day in the history of both me and Laura as well as of course the two bikes Jess (my bike) and montiy (Laura's bike).
We rode of into the sunset; Well when I say sun set it was drizzly, miserable and wet also, when i say road I actually mean pushed the heavy lumps of metal up a super steep hill and then rode down an equally steep hill on the other side. All the while trying not to crash into poor on passers by who were quietly making there way to work. I felt like i might have been riding a particularly frisky horse who seemed to be interested in every thing but going in a straight line. Eventually we arrived into yung she wan where we popped the bikes on the ferry.
Laura and I land in the central area of Hong Kong, its an iconic area full of huge sky scrapers like man made mountains sitting peacefully in the sky. Our next step is to head to the bus stop where we will be going to Guangzhou. That was remarkably easy the bus only had 15ish people on, also next to no luggage. so a quick spin of the handle bars and 12 bags of equipment later, were off!
As we pull up to the border one and a half hours later its a quick re-assemble of the bikes and a wonder into boarder control finds us in a little pickle. Generally speaking walk through border controls aren't designed with great lumbersome bikes in mind so when giving the passport officer my documents i was pleasantly surprised for him to say "your name Arron?" I replied "that is correct " with a smile on my face. His next question was "will your bike fit through?" Looking at the awkward 's' bend next to him. I said "we will find out" now with an even bigger grin finding the hole experience hilarious. So with laura grabbing the front an me man handling the rear we squeeze it though and out the other side. The hole experience was quite hysterical and was some of the most fun i have had crossing a border in a little while.
On the other side was a different matter entirely we managed to find our bus but this time it was packed full of people and leaving in 11 minuets. How we got our bikes on was a blur to me i just whipped wheels off and moved numerous suit cases around to make room then crammed our bikes in. Laura even had to undo her pannier rack on the back just so the door would shut.
But safe to say were here now and in a nice hotel with collected train tickets life is beautiful. We will catch our train on the 18th and just have to drop our bikes off tomorrow to get them in the cargo area.

Easy right?

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  1. well that seemed to go to plan look forward to the next part